10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

HiFi Ready-Made sites have some cool features built-in that you may not know about. With so many options it can be hard to wrap your head around all the features and how you can use them.

Here are 10 HiFi website hacks that can take your marketing to the next level.

1. Click to Tweet Feature

Want to encourage readers to share your content? The Click to Tweet feature on your HiFi site let’s you easily create a tweetable message for readers, making it super easy to share your message.

Not only is it great for sharing blog posts, you could also add the button to your gallery pages to make it easy for people to send a customized message to their Twitter followers. The advantage of providing a pre-written Tweet is that you can control the message and attribution

Setting this up is simple.

In any page or blog post select the short-code feature in the editor

short code icon 001 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website


Select the Twitter > Twitter option

twitter button editor 002 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

Add your settings 

add tweet details 003 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

  1. Add a link to your blog post or page  (use a link shortener – see #6 below)
  2. Add your Twitter handle so you get a mention every time this shared
  3. Add a branded hashtag
  4. Write your message
  5. Selecting this option will add the post link to your tweet

Then select insert. This adds the Twitter button code to your page.

Now when a reader clicks on the Twitter button it’s ready to go.

twitter window 005 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website



You could even use the info box feature to make the message stand out even more.

message box 006 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website


See the example at the end of this article.

2. Automatic Featured Image

It’s easy to forget to assign a featured image when you’re creating a blog post, which leaves an ugly missing image box icon when one is not assigned. When the Automatic Image Thumbnail option is enabled, the first uploaded image in the post or page will be used when a featured image hasn’t been added.

This feature can be enabled in the Theme Options panel under Dynamic Images > Resizer Settings

automatic featured image 007 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website


3. Contact Forms Aren’t Just For Contact Forms

The Forms module allows you to create unlimited forms. Here are a few marketing ideas for using this feature.

  • Connect your MailChimp account to your contact form so new submissions are automatically added to your list. You can select to have them added all the time, or only if visitors opt-in.
  • Use the form for Model Applications
  • Create a questionnaire to collect testimonials.
  • Create a pre-session questionnaire for clients who just booked a session with you
  • Create an order form for grad announcements or holiday cards

email updates 008 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

Another thing you can do with the form, is create a custom confirmation page on your site. That way you can add a custom message or add a link to your social media. If you setup a testimonial form, you could also have a call to action with links to leave a review on Yelp or Google Places. 

4. Create a testimonials page

The Feedback feature is an easy way to create a page with testimonials. Just add the testimonial details and it is automatically formatted and added to that page. There is also a Feedback widget for adding those testimonials to any sidebar area on your site.

feedback feature 009 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

5. Add a Custom Video Thumbnail to YouTube or Vimeo Videos

video seo snippet 010 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

One of things I dislike about posting YouTube videos is that the default thumbnail image displayed isn’t the best.  On any post or page where you are displaying a video, the Video SEO feature lets you set a custom thumbnail image of your own – even if it’s not your video. This is much better for branding and standing out in the search engine results. Plus the Video SEO feature sends people back to YOUR site, not YouTube or Vimeo.

custom thumbnail 011 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

See Using the New Video SEO Feature for more info

6. Branded Short Urls

custom short url 014 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

URL shorteners are used to shrink web links to a smaller size. Having a custom branded short url can build familiarity with your brand and business. HiFi sites have a ShortLink feature that let’s you integrate your URL shortening service of choice. When you create a post or page a branded shortlink is automatically created. If you use the Social auto-post feature, it will use those links when publishing your posts. Here’s how to set this up.

7. Google Authorship – SEO & Branding

Google Authorship gives authors credit for their work. When Google Plus is properly applied to your website, Google will display your author profile picture next to search results, along with a link to a listing of all content you’ve created. There are also SEO benefits and many articles posted on Google Plus are quickly indexed in the Google search results. You can read more about how Google Authorship works here .

Authorship 013 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

Enabling Google Authorship on your HiFi site takes less than 30 seconds. If you provided your Google Plus profile and page info when we set up your site this has been done for you. You can see how to enable it here.

8. Open Graph Social Feature

Open Graph Meta Markup makes it easy for social networks to recognize your content. In non-geeky terms that means that you can control your content so your images and media show up richly on places like Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably had the experience of sharing one of your web pages on Facebook, and instead of an image Facebook displays a pixelated logo.

Having Open Graph enabled will prevent this. Twitter Cards are another example. Notice how they are more engaging, plus they display your info with a link back to your site. HiFi sites have already enabled Open Graph meta on your site. Here’s more information on setting up Twitter Cards and setting a default image for Facebook.

twitter card solomo 012 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

The Open Graph feature also connects your site with Facebook so you can view Facebook Insights and see which pages are sending traffic to Facebook, and vice versa.

9. Mobile Blogging

Download the WordPress App and make quick blog posts or updates with your iPhone or iPad. This is a great feature if your are sharing Instagram images or Vine videos. The iPhone app is not ideal for long posts, however it’s great for sharing images and short updates. The iPad is nice for composing post as well.

mobile 015 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website   photo 1 016 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website


The app is very easy to use.


  1. Edit Screen
  2. Post Settings
  3. Preview The Post
  4. Upload Media
  5. Upload a Video
  6. Upload an Image

If the Tumblog feature is enabled you can use the Express App as well.

10. Keep Site Visitors On Your Site Longer

related posts 017 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website

The related posts feature is an important one for your blog, and I recommend you enable this for your blog posts. Using Related Posts is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. It keeps visitors on your site engaged by suggesting more articles to read
  2. It’s good for on-page SEO because it links to other site pages.

This can be enabled in the Theme Options Panel under Subscribe & Connect > S&C Setup > Enable Related Posts.

related posts theme options 018 10 Great Marketing Hacks For Your HiFi Website


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