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A few marketing articles you may have missed

Marketing articles to start your week.

Branded Content Marketing: Inspiration from the fashion industry

Marketing and storytelling have always gone together. With Facebook, Youtube, blogs, video, and other social media there are more opportunities to market your business by telling an engaging story.

Online and social media marketing ideas from Free People [Download]

Knowing who your target client is and marketing to her in a personal way.

Marketing and Branding with Instagram [UPDATE]

Branding, Storytelling and imagery. How Innovative and early adopter brands have already started using Instagram to connect with their followers.

How to compete in the digital age when nobody needs what we have to sell

Want to Sell More Products? Then Get Out of the Business of Selling Stuff. Sell Experiences Instead.

Real World Likes. Cool Facebook marketing idea from Diesel Jeans

Real World Likes. Cool Facebook marketing idea from Diesel Jeans, on how to merge your offline and online marketing.

Brand Romance: 5 Lessons from Lady Gaga for Brands and Marketing

Viral marketing and social media success strategies from Lady Gaga.

How to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace and a sort of book review

Why the most original minds in business win.

Using an Editorial Calendar to create consistent content

Having a publishing strategy and planning your content can help keep you consistent and from going crazy trying to keep up.

And, one of my favorite short films. I posted this awhile back:

Influencers: How trends & Creativity become Contagious

A film that features influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) in New York who are shaping today’s youth culture. It explores how trends and creativity become contagious today in fashion, music and entertainment.


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