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Contact Form Builder For WordPress

Gravity Forms is a simple WordPress plugin for creating contact forms on your site.  It has drag and drop simplicity and any form can easily be added to any post or page. Gravity Forms just released a new version that has even more features.  Here are a few of the features:

It’s easy to create forms from your administration panel. Create as many forms as you like. A general contact form, model applications.
Drag and drop simplicity let’s you create a form quickly.

gravity010 300x248 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

  • Export entries so they can be imported into your studio database.

  • You can customize the thank you reply message, or direct users to another url, like a thank you page or even your Facebook Page.

  • You can change or update the form at any time, and it automatically updates all pages using that form.

  • There is a schedule feature to set an expiration date for a form. For example if you are running a casting call for models, you can set the form to expire, so you don’t have people applying after the deadline.

  • If you have guest posts on your site, you can set up a form for people to submit formatted posts complete with title, categories, tags and an image upload feature. There are pre-formatted fields that sync with your blog set up.

gravity011 242x300 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

  • If you have the developers plugin, you can also sync it with Mailchimp. If you look at the contact form on for Hi-Fi, there is a newsletter opt-in. If a visitor checks that box, they are automatically added to my MailChimp email newsletter.

gravity014 300x80 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

  • Plugins. The developer plugin also lets you set up a payment for with Paypal. It has other plugins as well that can be installed right from the admin panel

gravity013 300x214 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

  • New contact form entries show in your dashboard when you login to WordPress. You can also set up the forms to  email notifications when new forms are submitted.

gravity012 300x241 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

  • The help documentation and tutorials are accessible through the administration panel make it easy to find plugin support when you need it. I have used a lot of plugins, most do not have this level of help and tutorials.

Screen shot 2011 06 17 at 9.22.51 AM 300x237 Contact Form Builder For Wordpress

You can set up as many forms as you like. The nice thing about this plugin, is that you only purchase it once. Any updates after that are free.

I use Gravity Forms on all my sites, along with the MailChimp plugin. There are many other contact form options, some even free or built into your current website. But none that offer the customization and control of Gravity Forms.

If you need something beyond the basic and limited features of your current contact form, than this is an great plugin. And at $39 the price is very reasonable.

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2 Responses to Contact Form Builder For WordPress

  1. Jim Fardy May 21, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    I highly recommend FormBerry this is by far the most robust contact form builder for wordpress. It works with Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact and iContact autoresponders. The digital signature, Google analytic, Nonces logic and many other are built-in on the plugin. Very cool!