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Friday Wrap up – Favorite sites, articles and tweets of the week.

IMG 1337 300x300 Friday Wrap up   Favorite sites, articles and tweets of the week.Here are some interesting articles and links I shared on Twitter this week.

Creating a unique marketing experience for high school seniors

What Apple Babies Reveal About Our Tech Routines

Andy Bondurant shared this on Twitter. It’s a thought provoking read on how instant gratification has killed the rituals of what we enjoy most, and how it affects branding.

The most dangerous threat to your marketing efforts
Interesting take on marketing and letting Facebook control your work and content. Why you should put marketing efforts into building assets that you control.

I Care More About The Story in Your Picture Than How You Made It

Lost Type – Awesome Font resource

Great resource for DIY Design Projects – check out the Mid-Century Modern Guide

Vintage finds and beautiful typography
Photos of retro and mid century modern typography and vintage cameras from my grandparents home.

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