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Good Weekend Reading

Four of my favorite websites I read whenever I can.

Penelope Trunk – I could lose myself here for hours, just clicking on links in each post. It’s the most honest and interesting read on the web. Plus she’s an ENTJ like me, and it seems like there are so women ENTJ’s. Favorite Articles: Tips for coping when your start up runs out cash and How much money do you need to be happy? Hint your sex life matters  more.  Penelope also has a column over on CNET, Free Beer.

Copyblogger – I never thought copywriting and headline were even remotely interesting until Copyblogger. Favorite Article: The Mad Men Guide to Changing the World With Words.

Mixergy – Andrew Warner interviews start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Rise to the Top – “Interesting Interviews with Awesome People” – He wrote the book Smarter, Cheaper, Faster.

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