Hi-Fi Themes Updated to Version 2

hi fi version 2 upgrade Hi Fi Themes Updated to Version 2

All Hi-Fi Themes now  feature a responsive layout and have been upgraded for Canvas version 5. Responsive designs use fluid grids. Rather than a fixed layout, the site is “liquid”  and all elements will adjust and display according to the browser it’s being viewed on. You can see how that works even from your desktop browser by dragging and re-sizing the browser to see how the elements adjust. All theme demos have been upgraded to the responsive layout.

What’s new in Hi-Fi Version 2

  • A new mobile friendly touch slider
  • A responsive design
  • Google Maps feature with Built In Contact Page
  • Added an Instagram Social Profile Link

This is not a Required Upgrade

If you are currently using Hi-Fi Themes Version 1.0 upgrading is optional. You can keep using the current theme version, along with Canvas 4.12. Version 1.0 will continue to be supported.

The main difference between the two is the responsive design.

Instructions on upgrading your theme have been added to the tutorial section. Theme tutorials are also being updated where necessary.

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