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wordpresshelp 300x206 How to get help with WordPressI love WordPress. It is by far the best website solution for small businesses. However, there is a learning curve, and it needs to be updated from time to time. Plus, what happens when something goes wrong?

There are so many things it can do, and trying to figure it all out can be daunting for a busy small business owner. From setting it up, to integrating social media, to troubleshooting tech issues. I receive a lot of requests for help with WordPress, and I simply don’t have the resources to help everyone that contacts me for support or tech help.

For members of Hi-Fi, there are WordPress tutorials, theme setup help and and resources in the support area. There are also services that I offer for help with training, set up and custom WordPress sites.

Tech support can be hard to find. Managed Hosting can take care of a lot of this. In the support area is a list of WordPress Resources that is continually updated.

In the meantime, I put together a list of WordPress Resources, for learning, technical help and general help.

Also here is a quick tip – I set up a notebook in Evernote, just for tech issues, with links to articles that cover technical topics and tips so I can refer to them later in case the same issue comes up. This way it’s there when I need to refer to it, and I don’t have to search all over.

If you have any other good suggestions, please leave a link, information or other tips in the comments.

 WordPress Tutorials and Free Support

WordPress.org has a good article on searching and troubleshooting issues. In many cases you can find an answer to your problem by just googling it, and this article shows you how.

WordPress Tv has a number of different tutorials in different categories. There are a few trouble shooting videos, but a lot of them cover WordPress basics.

In the WordPress Support forums you can ask a questions, and view other threads on similar topics.

If your WordPress site (or any site) has been hacked

If your site is hacked, then Sucuri is fantastic service to get your site up and running again. If your site is hacked you don’t want to try fixing it yourself. Sucuri will scan yours site and have it back to normal within hours. You can do a free scan of your site to see if your site has been hacked. The cost to recover is $89 for an entire year, which means they will monitor and recover your site if it is hacked again.

You don’t want to mess around if our site is hacked. Get it fixed right away before your blacklisted from the search engines.

A couple of my sites were hacked and they were up and running again quickly. Fixing a hacked site is not a DIY project.

Website Migration – Moving your website to a new host

If you’d like to switch webhosts, Website Movers will move your site from your current host to a new one. For example if you wanted to keep your same site or blog, and just switch hosts, they would help with this. It’s a fast and easy service that does all the work for you, for a reasonable price.

Technical support

If you need help with customizing or technical things, then here are a few good options.

WP Help Center

WP Help Center offers support Monday – Friday for everything from moving a WordPress site to a new host, to fixing a plugin, updating, customizing – almost anything. They have per issue pricing and monthly pricing.

WP Questions

If you have a WordPress emergency,  you can post a question at WP Questions and  get someone to help you for as little as $5. For example you would post a question an offer $10 for someone to fix it.

Click WP

ClickWP Offers a WordPress Helpdesk offers WordPress support at very reasonable rates.

WordPress Help Live

WordPress Help Live is a  service that can fix WordPress issues or help with your site, and show you over Skype, what they did to fix the issue.


 Odesk is a freelance hiring service. You post a job and project description and freelancers bid for your project. I have used Odesk for WordPress help in the past and have had good results. Anything from trouble shooting plugin conflicts, routine maintenance and customizations and coding. The key is to be very specific and not to choose the cheapest bidder.

Every time I have posted a job, I get responses back almost immediately, and the job completed very quickly. In most cases it has cost me around $20. You can hire by the hour or by project. If it’s a small task I hire by the project, if it’s a longer or ongoing project I would do hourly.

You can hire someone to do almost anything, site setup, install plugins and themes, fix any tech problems.

Here are links to people I’ve worked with on Odesk in the past that did a fantastic job.





The contractors I hired were not the cheapest, because I wanted to hire someone that would do quality work and answer any questions I had. Sometimes I would receive bids for as low as $3 an hour, but that is a red flag for me. You get what you pay for.

When you hire someone to help you with WordPress, you’ll have to send them your Login information. What I do is set up a Tech Support user in the WordPress admin panel, just for things like these, then I do not have to share my own login. I also change the password each time someone does work on any of my sites.

The other day I had an issue with one my sites. I posted a job on Odesk, and 2 minutes later I had a response from someone who had done work for me in the past. It took less than an hour. I could’ve tried to figure it out myself, but I have way too much on my plate at the time – like many of you I’m sure.



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