How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook

When are the best times to post on Facebook? When do you get the most fans? What types of content gets the most engagement? 

Sometimes it can seem like you are spinning your wheels on Facebook, and just posting things hoping they get noticed. You’re not really getting a lot out of Facebook – but how do you figure out when the best time to post is, or what you should be posting?

There is a lot of research and statistics that show that most fan pages are under-performing, and even when the best times are to post. The problem is, a lot of that data is very general. It may be a  good starting point, but every business is different. For example, I’ve read research that shows Wednesday is a good day for Facebook posts, however when I look at my data that’s one of worst performing days for me.

Facebook Insights has improved a lot and contains really valuable data. However making sense of it all, or at least putting those stats together in a meaningful way can be challenging.

I recently ran some Facebook reports with EdgeRank Checker, a tool that measures your marketing presence on Facebook. It pulls stats from my Facebook page and makes recommendations based on my business Page performance. No generalities and lots of actionable recommendations to use right away.

I also ran EdgeRank Checker for another client. What I found most helpful were the post grading, page analysis and recommendations, as well which keywords generated the most engagement.

EdgeRank Checker has both a free and a paid version. I signed up for the paid version. It starts at $15 a month, depending on the number of fans, and is half price for the first month. You can cancel at anytime, so it’s worth just to trying for even a month. It will give you a good view of how your Page is performing so you can improve your marketing going forward, using the recommendations it provides.

The free version will give you a score that shows you how your Page is performing, and it will tell you the best days for getting fans and more engagement. The paid version goes much deeper, and shows you how to improve. Scores alone don’t mean much.

How does it help you?
The EdgeRank tool shows you how your fans like to engage with your brand. It shows you how to optimize content to make your Facebook marketing strategy more effective.  Here is how it works.

Post Grading – How your posts are performing

post grade timing 300x281 How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook    post grade affinity 201x300 How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook

This feature analyzes individual posts and grades them on a variety of criteria. Things like timing, engagement, virality. It then displays recommendations for each of those criteria. See the images above.

Page Recommendations – Actionable steps for improving your Page

edgerank page receommendations How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook


How often to make updates, when to post, what type of posts are the best, what time of day. Based on past page performance this report shows when your posts received the most engagement, and what type of posts work best.

Page Analysis – Key metrics and hot spots

page analysis edgerank How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook

This report shows you when you’re page received the most likes, comments, average number comments, the best day of the week for Fan growth – and more.

Keywords that generate the most engagement

edgerank keywords How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook

This displays the keywords from your top posts.

Industry Report

industry comparison How to get more fans and increase engagement on Facebook

This compares your page performance to industry averages. The one thing I was not sure of here, is how industry is determined. The photography industry covers a lot of specialties, so I didn’t find this report quite as useful as the others.  It was more of a general comparison.

I’ve tried a lot of tools that are nothing more than fluff scores and general advice. The EdgeRank Checker is a good tool  if you want help with marketing on Facebook. I recommend trying this one just for a month. It will give great insight into your page, and you can use the recommendations to improve your marketing on Facebook right away.


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