New Changes at Hi-Fi

Over the past few weeks, I have been re-designing Hi-Fi and making a few changes. It’s part of an overall plan to make getting a WordPress site, along with marketing & managing a site as easy as possible.

The first was adding a new membership system and store, so we could offer single themes, marketing products, and other web services. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be services and products being added, all designed to help you build a WordPress site and web presence.

Second, is updating the tutorials. There is a lot that goes into planning and building a site. In addition to the Theme Tutorials, All Access Subscribers can use the Planning and Marketing tutorials to help create a complete and cohesive web presence. Those areas have been added in the Support and Tutorials area.

site changes 001 1024x1013 New Changes at Hi Fi

Designed to Convert was part of that update with more tutorials added there. I wanted to take the same process I use when working with custom design clients and put an outline together that would help people who are doing their own sites.

site changes 002 New Changes at Hi Fi

Third is creating new themes and marketing templates to match each theme. This is to save you time and help you create consistent branding on all your marketing and social media channels. There have always been marketing elements included for all access members, and now we are adding more to match each theme. The marketing templates will be complete in the next couple of weeks.

The last and biggest item is re-designing the way Hi-Fi delivers WordPress Themes and Sites. Hi-Fi Themes are setup in a way to allow you complete control over your site and web presence.

The themes were designed with photographers and creatives in mind. Hi-Fi themes have all the customization options, seo, marketing and lead generation features to get you up and running with a WordPress site quickly. All the same features and professional style of a custom design, in a do-it-yourself package.

You simply buy a theme, install it and set it up. There are tutorials on setting up and using your theme, WordPress, as well as tutorials for SEO, social media and marketing. A few tutorials are being added and updated.

However, one of the biggest barriers to getting started for many has been web hosting. I touched on this in another article.

For the hard-core DIYer who knows WordPress, how to install WordPress on their web server, knows how to configure their WordPress settings the right way, is comfortable tinkering with the host admin panel, and doesn’t mind troubleshooting issues from time to time – buying a theme and installing it is not a big deal. That is how I started WordPress.

For others who are too busy or just don’t want to deal with installing WordPress – they want an easier solution. They aren’t really looking for a custom design, they just want a professional, unique design that is setup for them and all they have to do is add their images and business info.

So that has been the biggest goal and project with this re-design is to simplify the process and make it easy to get started.

In between other custom projects I have been busy for the last 8 months working on the best all-in-one solution for Hi-Fi WordPress sites – that is all managed for you. This solution will be top-notch websites and hosting, and an unbelievably great price.

In the next month, I expect the new service will be ready.

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