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Warning: this site is addicting.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share cool things you find on the web. It’s great for design ideas, and fashion and style ideas, color and fonts styles, packaging, planning a wedding – anything you can think of.

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You can browse Pinboards by other people too. It’s easy to use, just add the Pinterest button to your browser tool bar, and start pinning. When you pin from a website, it automatically grabs the image and adds a credit to the owner/creator.

It’s quick ans easy to get started with Pinterest. There are simple instructions on the help page.

Some tips:

Use this to organize ideas for your posing ideas, marketing, website design or packaging

Use the free iphone app to pin on the go

Here’s a tip on using Pinterest to understand your readers

Curating Clothing Tips

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  1. Cinnamon Miles December 28, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Good warning, you’re right, Pinterest is addicting. We are so excited about it though. As small business owners, we’ve tried forever to get Google to appreciate our work, and show us some respect in the SERPS, with very little success. But Pinterest is turning into one of our top traffic sources and we’re just getting started in it. Super exciting.

    Cinnamon Miles
    Liberty Jane Clothing