The Best Story is Your Client’s Experience

johh pyle The Best Story is Your Clients Experience

I mentioned yesterday the importance of knowing your story and your brand. Everything you do in your business, marketing, social media and customer interactions are part of that story.

John Pyle has a thriving senior portrait business in Columbus Georgia. Many studios are complaining about business being down and amateurs stealing their business or copying their work. John deals with those things too. Yet he is booked solid. What’s the difference?

John is an incredible photographer, but that alone isn’t what sets him a part in his market. It’s his fanatical focus on every detail of the client experience and his brand.

John does an excellent job of creating a brand story. He knows who is ideal client is, and everything he does, every customer touchpoint – the photography, the session, the final product, the packaging, every blog and social media post, every single thing – they all work together to create a top-notch experience for his clients.

He has an incredible web and social media presence. However it’s more than just numbers. John didn’t set out to have the most number of fans. His goal is to create the best experience possible for his clients which he creates both online and off.

I met John at a spa event a few years ago. Each year John had a winning model at the spa event, so I also had the privilege of meeting his clients as well. I saw first hand the relationships and experiences he creates for his clients. His clients love him.

It’s easy to just look at his images (which are incredible) and think that’s what sets him apart. It’s not.

Today Seniors Ignite released their first workshop: The John Pyle Experience.  The videos are incredible. 9 videos that cover the entire experience – everything start to finish. John’s the real deal – no fluff no hype. Check it out.

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