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Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Google Chrome 4 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

I recently redesigned my site using the Analog Theme. I love the visual layout, publishing features and simplicity of Tumblr, and wanted to incorporate that into my site. The site is my personal one, an online notebook where I add random thoughts and mostly images from day to day.

One of the features on the Analog site is a Tumblog feature, that turns the regular blog into a micro blog with Tumblr like features,  so you can  post from your dashboard using the QuickPress option which is similar to Tumblr.

Screen shot 2012 05 31 at 10.04.01 PM Tumblr Like WordPress Site

The Tumblog features of Analog have a more visual storytelling and personal feel which was a perfect fit for my personal site.

Google Chrome 3 300x300 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

I also added the Express-App so I could quickly post things with my iPhone. A couple of weeks ago I was with Seniors Ignite filming a couple of upcoming workshops and posted some behind the scenes shots I had made with Instagram (see the tutorial below). I loved being able to post on the go from my iPhone.

It’s simple to use and my personal site isn’t something I want to put a lot of time into using and maintaining, so this is great for that.

The Tumblog feature for WordPress uses Custom Post Formats, and is included on all Woo Themes and Hi-Fi Themes. If you are using a another theme and would like to add this feature to your site, you can download the Woo Tumblog Plugin from WordPress.

Posting to iphone is easy using the Express App

With the Express App, you can publish to your Tumblog from your iPhone. Post images, quick posts, notes or even Instagram images. You could also do this using the WordPress mobile app, however I found the Express works much easier with the custom post formats.

It’s easy to use and set up.

Note: This app only works if you have the Tumblog feature turned on.

If you are using Hi-Fi Themes – see the tutorial on using the Tumblog Feature.

First we need to set WordPress up for Remote Publishing.

media 1324826340929 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

In your WordPress Admin panel, go to Settings > Writing > then under remote publishing select the Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols option.

Then save.

Download the Express for WordPress App to your iPhone

Download Express App

Open The Express App on your iPhone

media 1324827422114 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Add your Tumblog

media 1324827948252 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Enter your site url and WordPress admin login username and password

media 1324828021990 Tumblr Like WordPress Site


Post to your Tumblog

media 1324828346800 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

For this example, let’s post an image.

Select “image”

Tap on the gray area to add an image

media 1324828860101 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Take a photo or upload an existing image

media 1324828452025 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

select Choose Existing Image

Select an image, add a title and any comments then publish

media 1324829035862 Tumblr Like WordPress Site
media 1324829064921 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

New Image Post

media 1324829083956 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Upload Instagram Images to your Tumblog

To be able to upload Instagram images using the Express App, you will need to turn on two options in your Instagram settings, so that your Instagram images are saved to your iphone photo library.

Go to Settings

media 1324829289751 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Select Instagram

media 1324829339252 Tumblr Like WordPress Site

Enable Saving Options

media 1324829381866 Tumblr Like WordPress Site
  1. Saves the original, unfiltered photo taken with Instagram to the Photo Library
  2. Saves the filtered photo from Instagram to the Photo Library


Upload to your Tumblog from the Express App

media 1324829533932 Tumblr Like WordPress Site


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