ZippyKid: White Glove Managed WordPress Hosting

Note: ZippyKid is now Presssable. (Same owner, different name.)

Let’s say you’re looking for studio space to rent. Your studio caters to luxury clients and you need the perfect space. It’s important to your brand.

You have it narrowed down to two places.

Studio #1 is located in an ideal neighborhood, where they take care maintaining the studio, keeping it clean, there’s a security team and alarm , and they keep the building updated to prevent future problems. They take care of all maintenance like plumbing and electric. You even have your own bathroom and storage facilities – an extra bonus. Plus there’s plenty of parking.

It’s slightly more expensive, then the second option. It does however offer peace of mind and is hassle free. You don’t need to worry about all that maintenance stuff and can focus on your clients and business. If there’s a problem, or you have a question on anything, you can call 24/7 and it will be taken care of.

Studio #2 is a decent option, however it doesn’t have a lot of the amenities that the first studio does. Maintenance is not included and you are responsible for security and updates. You have to share resources like restrooms and utilities. The landlord was vague on how many other businesses you’d be sharing facilities with. Parking may end up being a problem too. The parking lot didn’t seem that big, and on street parking isn’t available. You’re not sure about the neighborhood but….it is a little cheaper. You can call them for help as well, but they wont fix your problem. They will tell you hire someone or use the help manual to fix it yourself. And really you think to yourself – I can just take care of the place myself – how hard can it be?  You aren’t too concerned with safety or things going wrong, since everything else “seems” ok.

The price difference for the two – $168 – $200 a year. It seems like a no brainer right – Studio #1.

Web Hosting has been one of the biggest sources of frustration for both my clients and myself.
I am asked for Web Hosting recommendations quite often. Many small business owners aren’t interested in hearing about a bunch of “techy” things – they just want an easy, inexpensive solution. Often they aren’t aware of other choices for hosting.

Many choose an economy shared host like GoDaddy because it’s inexpensive and it seems like the easiest thing to do. However,  economy hosting has it’s limitations. What seems like an “inexpensive option” can end up costing you later in both time and money

WordPress requires a little maintenance and updating
With economy web hosting you have to maintain your own site, keep plugins, themes and WordPress updated, keep it secure and make sure it’s backed up. None of these things are hard and are very easy to do. However for many busy business owners it’s one more thing to have to take care. In many cases it gets neglected, things are not kept up to date, which leaves your website vulnerable to hackers.

When something goes wrong with WordPress, maybe the site is hacked, or there was an update that went bad – you’re on your own. You can call your economy host, however unless it’s a technical issue with their server you are on your own. They will not clean up a hacked site, fix any plugin update errors, they will not do updates for you, and in many cases will not back up your site.

Many people are not aware of these things until they have an issue with their site and realize that their web host will not help them.

Until recently I have been using Bluehost, which is an inexpensive option. Of the inexpensive options, it’s one of the better ones. But even after  upgrading to their “Pro” hosting service I  was still constantly running into issues.  My site was slow and always hanging despite using a CDN and dedicated IP. Caching plugins were not helping.  It seemed every week it was some new issue that had to be dealt with. Bluehost was no longer meeting my needs and I was spending too much time dealing with web server issues.

Every minute I spend trying to troubleshoot these things, is time away from my business
Trouble shooting web hosting issues are best handled by the web hosting company.

Managed WordPress Hosting
There are a few Managed WordPress hosting options out there, and I believe there will be more popping up. I mentioned them in a previous hosting article.

I decided to try ZippyKid. I moved this site, and a few others over to ZippyKid Hosting. Working with them is easy. Sign up takes 60 seconds, and 10 minutes later I have a a hosting account – with WordPress already installed for me.

The welcome email includes login info and a link for migration signup so they can move your existing WordPress site. My site had no down time during the move. If it’s a new installation, everything is ready to go, just add your theme and setup up your site.

Here is why I recommend ZippyKid for your hosting:

ZippyKid Manages WordPress 
They take care of things like automatic WordPress and plugin updates, full security of plugins and managing the server. You never need to worry about an update breaking your site. WordPress is installed for you, along with a few pre-configured plugins.

Your site will load 3 Times Faster
Did you notice how fast this site is? ZippyKid pre-configures WordPress for speed. Page speed is important – Google is even factoring it into SEO. All hosting packages include a CDN network and other geeky things to make your site really fast. Previously this site loaded in 10-16 seconds – with Zippykid – 2.5. Seniors Ignite was taking 9.5 seconds to load – when we moved the site to ZippyKid – 1.95 seconds!

Get mentioned on Oprah or Digg? They can handle large traffic spikes – cheap hosting cannot.

Security & Backups
Security scans  and backups are performed daily.

Need to move your site?
If you have an existing WordPress site, they will move it for you for a one time fee of a $150. This is a bargain and I highly recommend it unless you know what you’re doing.

Customer Support
The customer support was exceptional. I have dealt with many hosts, and I can tell you none have this level of service. You can call, chat or email. There is a support link in the WordPress Admin Panel, and I had contacted them about a couple of questions. The response was quick and friendly.

I cannot recommend ZippyKid enough. The cost is a very reasonable $25 a month, and $10 a month for additional sites.  This is a steal for everything included. If you are not interested in having to worry about managing WordPress, then ZippyKid is a great solution. Try them free for a month.

By the way – I am not an affiliate for Zippykid, nor do I get any kickbacks for telling you this. I’m just a really happy customer.

Note: ZippyKid hosts WordPress sites only. No Flash, Joomla or others

UPDATE: All HiFi sites are now hosted with ZippyKid as part of the Ready Made Site packages. 

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6 Responses to ZippyKid: White Glove Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Robert October 23, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    Hi! I have to say your site is not very fast comparing to other sites but it might be the issue with your plugins, I think you are using too many or there has to be some other problem. Pingdom also shows it takes about 6 seconds on average for a page to load and that is not very good.


  2. Nancy Nardi October 28, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Hi Robert,

    Yes, you are right there – it is plugins – I run quite a few which can be resource intensive. I actually mentioned this in a recent updated article on hosting. Social sharing and e-commerce seem to be adding some time.


    No matter how good the hosting it won’t help a bad or resource hungry plugin. Or even large images.