Vine is a new social mobile app that was recently launched by Twitter.  It lets you create a 6 second looping video and share on the Vine social network, Twitter and Facebook. Think of it like Instagram for video.

Below are three easy ways to embed Vine videos on your WordPress blog or site.

Twitter Link

If you shared the video on Twitter, you can simply copy and paste the tweet link and embed both the Tweet and Vine video in your post.

Go to your Twitter feed and expand the tweet with the Vine video you’d like to embed.


Copy the Tweet link in the browser window






Embed Vine video

The second way is to use the Vine embed code.

First, go the Vine video you want to embed in your Vine app and select the share icon.


Then select “Share this post”



Select the embed option



An email window will open. Email the link. 




Go to the Vine video link. Select your options. Below is an example of the Simple format



You can also select the Postcard format


WordPress Plugin

The third option is to use the Artiss Vine Embed WordPress plugin. Simply install the plugin, use the shortcode provided and add it to your post.

Right now the only drawback is that the embeds use <iframes> which are not responsive. The videos will play just fine on mobile, but if the embed size is wider than the browser it’s being viewed on it will hang off the page.

It looks like the Artiss plugin will have responsive features coming in future versions. Below is the vine video embed:


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