About Hi Fi Social Web

A great web presence can change your business

HiFi Social Web is a digital boutique that offers websites and services tailored specifically for modern creatives and entrepreneurs.

A website should be easy work with. It should be easy to maintain, easy to update and add content. A good website will also work for you. It should market for you 24/7, which means an SEO optimized site that attracts targeted buyers, generates leads and sells products or services.

We handle all the behind the scenes techie stuff so you can focus on running your business.

Whether you want to build a site yourself, or want one created for you, HiFi will help you leverage all the amazing possibilities of the modern web and WordPress.

A site that grows with your business

I know that you’re planning to grow your business and your website should grow with you too. Your website has the power to transform how you are perceived, and it’s time for a website that represents the caliber of your work.

Behind all the websites I create is the HiFi Framework, which is built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce. The framework integrates the best and powerful tools available to accomplish what you need.

Practically speaking you will have a top-notch state-of-the-art website, advanced ecommerce functionality, the ability to make your own updates and a site that’s designed to impress and most importantly deliver results.

Where the HiFi Social Web name comes from

Hi-Fi Social Web draws a lot of inspiration from Mid Century Modern design. The furniture, the architecture, the typography and innovative use of materials all share the same characteristics of great web design: User friendliness, sophistication, informal, simple, minimal ornamentation, clean lines, functional and easy to maintain.

Edward J Wormley, a master of modern design said:

“Modernism means freedom—freedom to mix, to choose, to change, to embrace the new but to hold fast to what is good.”

Another defining element of the Mid Century Modern Era, was Hi-Fi (short for high fidelity), a generic term that referred to records and equipment that provided the truest sound reproduction. Audiophiles who wanted the best technical capabilities, put together individual components like turntables, power amplifiers and speakers to create the most accurate and highest sound qualities.

The traditional Hi-Fi enthusiast has always opted to build a stereo system by selecting the best individual components to suit his/her needs. Being able to control the sound was very important. Later on when all-in-one stereo systems became the standard due to price and simplicity, Hi-Fi purists avoided these new systems because they weren’t capable of producing a good sound quality.

The HiFi Framework is a marriage of those ideals and works in the same way.

There are infinite ways to create and produce a beautiful, user friendly website. Because it’s built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce, it gives you the freedom to put together a website or ecommerce site using the different components you need.

Drag and Drop modules can all be combined in a number of different ways to accomplish what you need. Customizing and styling any design is easy, so you are never confined by the original design. The look and style of your site can be changed as often as needed.

The design quality, the freedom to build, to mix things together, without sacrificing user experience, functionality or aesthetics that are all characteristics of great website.

If you are:

  • Talented artist and leader in your industry with a website that is outdated a few years behind the curve
  • Want to leave an unforgettable impression on your clients
  • Someone who doesn’t follow what everyone else in the industry is doing
  • Ready to take your business and online presence to the next level
  • Ready to receive the recognition you deserve instead of being lost in a sea of sameness
  • Would rather focus on running your business and art instead of troubleshooting technical issues

HiFi was created for you.

You’ll find your new website….

  • Will attract more clients
  • Will attract a more targeted client
  • Means no longer having to justify the value of your work
  • No more spending your time troubleshooting tech issues
  • You’ll have an online sales presence working 24/7
  • You’ll finally be excited about showing your site off
  • Is much easier to update
  • Gives you more time and the peace of mind to know it’s being taken care of

And that’s just the start.


Who is Hi-Fi Social
Nancy Nardi Hi-Fi Social Web Marketing

Hi I’m Nancy Nardi, the founder of HiFi Social Web. I’m a website maker and entrepreneur, and I help photographers and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the web with WordPress.

I built my first website in 2002 for my senior portrait studio. As a business owner I became obsessed with finding a better way of creating an online presence. That obsession led to my love affair with WordPress and in 2011 I launched HiFi Social Web and started building websites for photographers.

I’m also co-founder and co-owner of Seniors Ignite, an online educational site for professional portrait photographers.