If This Then That

I like finding ways to make my work and life run as efficiently as possible. Time is money and all the social media and technology available to us can quickly become a time suck.

So many of the services we use don’t necessarily work together and you often end up having to do repetitive tasks when using multiple apps. Things like sending Instagram images to other apps to post online, or backing up your mobile images. Being able to automate routine marketing tasks is essential to not only for keeping up but it helps with consistency as well.

That’s where IFTTT comes in.


IFTTT is a web service that lets you connect other web services and apps together to create automated workflows. IFTTT performs specific actions based on ‘Triggers’ you set up to for specific channels, like Facebook, Twitter or the Buffer App. IFTTT calls these ‘Recipes’

There are literally thousands of Recipes to use or you can create your own.

I use IFFTTT to automate some of my daily workflows. Here are a few of my favorite recipes, along with instructions for using them in your own workflow.

You can use any of these IFTTT recipes by simply signing up for an account.


IFTTT is a free service, and signing up takes less than a minute.

Once you’re signed up you can begin browsing or creating Recipes.

Browsing for Recipes


To find Recipes select ‘Browse’ in the menu. When you find a recipe you like simply add to your Recipes.

Creating Recipes

Creating your own recipe is easy as well. For this example we’ll set up a recipe to automatically post any Instagram image with a specific hashtag to Buffer.

Choose Create


Choose a Channel. Instagram will be the Trigger Channel for this recipe

Next select the Trigger


  1. Select the ‘New photo tagged by you’ option.
  2. Enter the name of your tag and select ‘Create Trigger’


Next select ‘that’ to create the action

Select Buffer as the Action Channel

Choose the ‘Add photo to Buffer’ Action

Complete the Action Fields

Select the ‘+’ to display the different action options. Then ‘Create Action’
Add a description and then ‘Create Recipe’



By default your recipe is private and you can choose to share it if you wish.

IFTTT Recipes

Below are some awesome recipes for automating your marketing along with a few of my own recipes. You can use any of the recipes with your own IFTTT account.


Archive all your Instagram photos to Dropbox

I like this recipe because it not only backs up your Instagram images to Dropbox, it also makes those images accessible on all of your devices connected to a Dropbox account

IFTTT Recipe: Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox



Upload VSCO Cam Images to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Upload 'VSCO Cam' album to Dropbox folder
I use my VSCO Cam images from my iPhone in a lot of web and social media so I like having those images available from Dropbox so I can access them from any of my devices.


Embed an Instagram photo on Twitter

I like having an Instagram photo embedded in my Tweets rather than the Instagram link only. This recipe will share and embed any Instagram photo I tag with #hifisocialpic

IFTTT Recipe: Embed an Instagram photo on Twitter


You can create as many recipes with different hashtags, which is especially nice if you have different services and product lines.




Save your Instagram videos to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Save all #Instagram #videos from specific user to Dropbox (with Date, Creator, Caption)



Post your Instagram photos to a Facebook album

You could also create a recipe to create different albums based on specific hashtags.

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram → Facebook album 'Instagram'


Post an Instagram image to a Facebook Page

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram onto Facebook Page



Instagram to Buffer

IFTTT Recipe: Add any photo tagged by you to Buffer. Change '#yourhashtag to your own hashtag



RSS to Buffer

Publish your blog feed to buffer automatically

IFTTT Recipe: New On The Blog


Pinterest Pins to Buffer

Send your Pinterest pins to Buffer to post to Twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Pinterest Pins auto queued through Buffer to post to Twitter with image.



WordPress to Tumblr

Automatically add any new blog post to your Tumblr

IFTTT Recipe: WordPress to Tumblr


These are just a few recipes. Check out IFTTT for more recipes or to create your own.

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