Social media, mobile devices and apps are changing the way people shop, live and connect. SoLoMo is a phrase being mentioned a lot when talking about the future of SEO and online marketing. SoLoMo is short for the phrase describing the intersection of SOcial media, LOcal and MObile.

It’s more than just a trendy buzz phrase. People’s behavior has changed in terms of how they gather information and connect with businesses. It’s important for your business and web presence to adapt to this change.

Below is a brief overview.


We all know the impact that social media has had, and that it’s important. Social media is personal. It’s a great place for businesses to reach potential clients, however it doesn’t really work as a promotional platform.

The best social media marketing means providing an exceptional and interactive experience, and incorporating offline events with social media. Then have the tools in place to so people can easily share that message and interact with you there.


Internet users are moving to mobile. Right now estimates show that over 50% of all searches are made from some type of mobile device and that is expected to be around 80% by 2014. Both Google and Bing recommend Responsive Design for your website. Having a mobile friendly web design is better for SEO, user accessibility and has a significant advantage over competitors without mobile friendly sites.

If you haven’t already, start planning for a mobile friendly site.


Along with local search, are sites like Yelp and Foursquare that allow users to find businesses through location based searches and applications. Facebook is offering local deals and location information with status updates.

Most searches, whether they are made through social media or Google are local searches.

Siri even plays a part in local search results, and often references Yelp first when showing local search results.

At the very least, you should have a Google Places listing. Consider a Yelp and Foursquare listing too, even if you don’t have a physical address. Foursquare lets you create a brand page without an address. Yelp does as well.

People are sharing their experiences with businesses on their social networks with their smartphones. Connecting your online and offline worlds is a valuable strategy for your business. Photo-tagging, check-ins, photo sharing – these are all actions that are shared across a users network exposing your business to potential new customers.

Start thinking SoLoMo when it comes to your online marketing strategy and start incorporating a few of the things mentioned above. The future points to all things being social, local and mobile. Besides having an active presence on social media, make sure your location and phone number are listed on your website. Even if it’s just the city and state. Start planning now for a mobile friendly site.

The early movers will have the advantage. Get a jump now and let you’re competitors play catch up.

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