A Refresh and New Services Coming Soon

When I launched HiFi 2 years ago, the goal was simple: help photographers and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the modern web and WordPress.

A great web presence can do incredible things for your business, and the WordPress Platform puts a lot of power in the hands of small business owners.

Many of the inquiries I receive are for custom websites. The reason given most often is that they want something “unique” that doesn’t look like a template. Especially with many popular themes, people fear that their site will look generic. Which is completely understandable.

What many don’t realize however, is that many WordPress templates are very customizable. In fact many can be customized without any coding knowledge.

While WordPress is easy to use, it does take a little working knowledge of it and many don’t have the time to spend. Which is why often times templates end up looking generic.

Which brings me back to custom websites. Full custom web projects are time intensive, for both my clients and myself which means I’m unable to take on more than one project at time. That limits me and doesn’t help clients.

In fact what I have found, is that most don’t actually need a full custom website. Instead I’ve found, especially with creatives, is that they have a vision of what they want, they’re just not sure how to get there.

In light of that, I needed to make some changes to current website services and add new services.

I’ve broken HiFi services down to its core to focus on what matters most: helping photographers create a website that looks amazing and gets results.

Whether you want to build a site yourself, or want one created for you, HiFi will help you leverage all the amazing possibilities of the modern web and WordPress.

Here is some of what’s coming up:

Maker’s Web
Maker’s Website Kit is an online course that teaches you how to master the web and create amazing sites using WordPress platform in a non-geeky, easy to understand, non-intimidating and friendly way. It’s specifically designed for photographers who want to learn website and online marketing skills.

Website in a Week
Website in a Week takes the Ready Made Sites even further to give you a completely customized WordPress site along with content setup. Delivered in a week.

Web Strategy Sessions
If you’re new to the world of WordPress and need expert guidance finding a solution for your WordPress project I’ll help you find the most effective solution. Here’s more information on the Web Strategy Sessions.


About Nancy Nardi

Founder of HiFi Social Web, Co-Founder of Seniors Ignite, website maker and entrepreneur. I help photographers and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the web with WordPress.