“Everything you need, and nothing you don’t” 

What is WordPress

It’s an easy to use, highly customizable and SEO friendly, website content management system that empowers people to take control of their website. WordPress is the software that runs your site and is hosted on your own domain. Themes are used to control the design and look of your site. Plugins can be used to add additional features to your site, like social sharing and image galleries. WordPress is web-based so you can update your website and blog posts from any computer with an internet connection

Why WordPress

What I like about WordPress the most is that it gives control of your website. It’s something you own. You have the freedom to do what you want, a robust development community, and it’s easy to publish. It’s a content management system that makes it easy for site owners to make their own updates without having to rely on a designer to do it for them. If you can send an email and create a Word document you can manage your WordPress site.

You can also extend WordPress very easily and add features with plugins. Often times with other platforms adding new features means you have to start over and re-develop your site, and if you’re locked into a service adding customizations may not be an option.

Sometimes you will hear people say that one of the best things about WordPress is it’s free. “Just sign up with a cheap host and install WordPress!” That’s not really true.  Perhaps the software itself is free, however there are costs both in time and money.  Choosing WordPress because it’s free is not a good reason to use it for your website.

Not only that, touting free as a benefit sets unrealistic expectations for what it takes to get a solid website created.  So while WordPress is easy and yes the platform is free, it still requires time and effort to maintain.

What’s the difference between WordPress and other website services

Matt Mullenweg described it like this: “WordPress is like owning a house. You can do whatever you like. You can knock down the walls, redecorate it anyway you want, paint the walls, add on. But there’s more upkeep. You have to keep up the maintenance, property taxes, lawn care and all those sorts of things.”

With other services, you go sign up and everything is done. There’s no upgrades, no hosting, no maintenance. It’s all handled for you. You can just add your images and text to a pre-designed template. It’s easy but you lose a little bit of control. You don’t have a yard, you can’t knock down the walls – you don’t have as much flexibility.

WordPress can take a little technical knowledge to set up and configure. While there are a lot of tutorials and instruction available for doing that, many small business owners don’t want to hassle.

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

The best thing about WordPress is being able to create a site using only the components and features you need. You can add social features, email sign ups, seo options, custom galleries and sliders. Most website services do not offer these features and if you want to to add them it requires re-developing your site, or sometimes it’s not possible at all.

That’s the trade off. If you want 100% control and ownership of your site, WordPress is a great option.

With HiFi, we combined the best of the those two worlds – complete ownership without the hassles of managing technical, the freedom to customize a site to suit your needs and elite web hosting that most services don’t offer.

About Nancy Nardi

Founder of HiFi Social Web, Co-Founder of Seniors Ignite, website maker and entrepreneur. I help photographers and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the web with WordPress.